About us


Our vision at Regency Pools and Landscaping, is to provide our corporate and individual clients with a complete, beautiful ambiance, whether it be for the residential home and garden or public and government facilities, with exceptional after-sale support and maintenance services. Much more than just pools and spas, we offer and commit to a lifestyle of luxury for our valued clients.


Designing and constructing cost-effective, sensitive and functional outdoor living spaces. It’s our goal to provide a unified and balanced relationship between people and the environment.

General Manager’s Message

Regency Pools and Landscaping offers the highest-quality design and installation that will transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of property creating positive & wonderful impression. Landscaping increases the usability of outdoor space and personal value of the home and other properties. Having attractive garden relaxes and escapes the pressure of everyday life as greenery surrounding brings enjoyment to the whole family. Keeping a healthy garden gives home uniqueness in the neighborhood and sense of serenity.

As an investment, landscaping increases the property, adds up to resale value and provides outstanding look to business organizations.

In this age of modern era where people tend to use their time of digital devices and screens, our need for relaxing and functional outdoor living space is essential to our physical, mental and even spiritual health. In order to meet this need, there is only one way to engage your outdoor space construction with nature, and that is to create a beautiful landscape around your town and properties. Our part as a professional landscape, pools and water features experts is to apply cultural, artistic, technical and scientific knowledge in designing an outdoor space in a perspective to improve human healthy living and enjoyment.

In Regency Pools and Landscaping, our team has the key of success in maximizing your property and investment.